Fall 2016 Collection

Three Is The Magic Number

It’s been two weeks since we introduced the Fall 2016 Collection. In this short time, we’ve received so many compliments about our new products, from our customers and collaboration partners! In fact, we still can’t get enough of them! Here at the Goodnight Macaroon office, we’re still buzzing about Fall 2016, so we thought we should introduce you to some of our team members by asking them three things about themselves and ask them for their Top 3 Picks from our Fall 2016 Collection.

Picks from Our Office Girls (And An Office Boy!)

Florence, Customer Services

“Hi everyone! I’m one of the Customer Services team members and my job is to look after our lovely customers, surprisingly! So three things about myself – I’m a foodie, I love to cook and I love to eat! I make really tasty cookies. My favourite three items from our Fall 2016 Collection are the ‘Elin’ Gray Knit Cape Cardigan‘Iris’ Black Criss Cross Tunic Sweater and ‘Anja’ Suede Leather Cross Body Bag! I love their simple yet classic designs and they are perfect for layering in the Fall weather.”

top3picks-01 Rachel, Design

“Hey guys, I’m a fresh graduate and I majored in Graphic Design at University. I’m responsible for designing and executing all the lovely pictures you see on this blog! I’ve not quite given up on the Summer yet, so I’ve picked out my favourite three pieces that are still up in our online store.  I can’t get enough of the Reflected Cat-eye Sunglasses because they’re uber chic! I also love my ‘Emma’ Plunge Floral Printed Romper, paired with the Pom Pom Suede Leather Lace-up Sandals. I know these aren’t from our Fall Collection but I’ll keep wearing them throughout.”


Chloé, Marketing

“Hey guys, I’m quite new to Goodnight Macaroon but I’m already in love with the Fall 2016 Collection. What do I do? Basically, my life revolves around three things: 1. watching YouTube, 2. commenting on YouTube videos and 3. posting videos on YouTube! Unashamed: please go checkout the Goodnight Macaroon YouTube channel! My Top 3 Picks from our Fall 2015 Collection are ‘Freja’ Funnel Neck Knit Cape‘Noir’ High Rise Skinny Jegging Jeans and the ‘Adore’ Embroidered Lace Shift Dress. In brief, these items are no-brainers because they make me look slimmer and more elegant!”


Laura, Sales

“Hi y’all! It’s Fall 2016! I can’t wait to switch wardrobes when the temperature drops! I work with all of our collaboration partners so I’m constantly scanning social media for the best and upcoming stars. Top 3 Picks? I know exactly which three items I would pick! My favourites are the ‘Vicky’ Off The Shoulder Sweater in White, ‘Ariana’ Stripe Cape in Black and ‘Brooklyn’ Classic Blue Skinny Jeans. It’s a combination with a license to thrill!”


Vince, Operations

“Firstly, I’m not sure you should be interviewing me and I’ll try my best to give you relevant answers. I’m the Ops guy and I look after everything ranging from making spreadsheets to tidying-up after the girls! Jokes aside, I want to say a big thank you to the team because it was a lot of work putting together the Fall 2016 Collection. I’m going to choose my Top 3 Picks based on what I think my other half would wear (fingers crossed). Here we go, I like the look of the ‘Francis’ Choker Cut Out Sweater‘Damia’ Jigsaw Hem Blue Skinny Jeans and ‘Reese’ Olive Green Suede Leather Ankle Boots. Why? I think this combination or outfit would look really nice on any girl.”


Tell Us Your Top 3 Picks!

As a reward for reading this far, we’re going to let you in on a secret competition! We would like you to tell us your Top 3 Picks in the comment section below and we’ll randomly choose a winner to have those 3 items shipped free-of-charge! Please note, this secret competition runs for one week and we’ll announce the winner on this blog and our Instagram too. So, what are you waiting for? Get commenting girls (and boys)!

Goodnight Macaroon Returns

Goodnight Macaroon Return Policy Update for Flash Sale Tuesday Purchases


We’re excited to announce a big step forward for the Goodnight Macaroon Returns Policy.

We’re announcing the introduction of a one-time exchange for store credit on purchases from our Flash Sale Tuesday, within 30 days of receipt. Store credit will be issued via email upon the receipt of the returned item(s). Once we have issued your store credit, you’re welcome to re-order the same item(s) in different size(s) or use the store credit to purchase other item(s). Any unused store credit will remain in your account for future use or purchases above the store credit amount will require additional payment through PayPal. Item(s) purchased using the store credit will not be eligible for exchange or refund. Please note that all returns should be shipped using a tracked shipping service to ensure parcels are traceable and insured in the case of theft, loss or damage.

This policy is implemented on a trial basis and will run from Tuesday September 20 to Wednesday October 19, 2016.

One Month Trial

We received a host of requests as part of our recent customer survey to ask customers what they wanted to see improved most. Requests ranged from quicker responses from our Customer Services Team to stocking more pink sweaters in our store. For the former, we’ve already upped our game and our average response time has almost halved since the start of July 2016. Our average response time has been reduced from three working days to 1.5 working days. Oh, there are definitely more pinks sweaters coming!

One particular suggestion that caught our attention was the need for an exchange on purchases from our Flash Sale Tuesday.

The previous Goodnight Macaroon Returns Policy stated no refunds or exchanges for purchases from our Flash Sale Tuesday. This was a necessary policy to ensure our business stayed afloat after heavily discounting our products. At Goodnight Macaroon, one of our biggest costs is shipping fees, especially as all of our products are shipped from and returned to Hong Kong. Returns to our US warehouse are shipped back to Hong Kong at our own cost.

So you might be asking what’s changed? Well, we’re simply hoping we’ll get more business from offering a more flexible return policy. That’s why we’re trialling this new policy for one month, with effect from Tuesday September 20 until Tuesday October 18, 2016. If our one-month trial goes well, then we will make this a permanent feature for Goodnight Macaroon returns.

In An Ideal World…

In an ideal world, we would love to offer all of our customers free and unlimited returns on all purchases. However, we’re not an ASOS, Shopbop or Nordstrom. We can’t quite meet customers’ expectations that come from shopping with these behemoths (yet)!

At Goodnight Macaroon, we try our best to negotiate the best deal for our customers because we value each and every one of our customers. Did you know, for an average weight and size parcel, standard shipping from Hong Kong to the US costs Goodnight Macaroon $15? Furthermore, shipping a returned parcel from our US warehouse to our Hong Kong warehouse costs an additional $5. We only charge $10 for our standard shipping and that’s regardless of order size or weight. It’s all part of our policy to look after our customers and give them the best deal we can.

We’re constantly pushing the envelope for our business, whilst remaining an online boutique that sells casual, everyday apparel. We love what we do and we intend to stay this way! Having said that, we would like to state that Goodnight Macaroon is currently unable to offer free and unlimited returns due to business restrictions, which is generally due to a lack of size and scale. However, we’ll definitely continue to improve Goodnight Macaroon returns service as we grow.

We Love Our Customers!

We want to end by saying we try our best to ‘understand, help and look after our customers’. In fact, we recently introduced our Customer Services Charter at Goodnight Macaroon, which ensures our customers are properly and fairly treated. All of our customer services staff have been orientated to our Charter. This ensures each and every customer is ‘understood, helped and looked after’. We were lucky to hire a seasoned manager to transform our customer services offering. We now have a strong foundation and structured training for our customer services staff.

We’re very excited to introduce this new policy of offering a one-time exchange on purchases from our Flash Sale Tuesdays. We don’t want any customers left dissatisfied because they ordered the wrong size or item. If you need an exchange, then please contact our Customer Services Team at Please state your full name, order number and item(s) to be exchanged, including the required size(s). If you have any queries on sizing then please provide your measurements and we’ll do our best to advise.

Please note that this new policy of providing one-time exchange on purchases from our Flash Sale Tuesdays applies to all orders made on or after Tuesday September 20th, 2016. Orders made prior to this date are not eligible.

What Do You Think of the Goodnight Macaroon Returns Policy Update?

We would love to hear back from you about this new policy, so please feel free to comment below.

$100 giveaway, thrice, anyone?

It’s already Tuesday and I’m sure everyone has shaken off those Monday Blues. If you’re on-the-ball, then you’d want to get your teeth stuck into this! We’re hosting a Goodnight Macaroon Giveaway to celebrate the launch of our new blog. More specifically, we’re going to give away three $100 gift vouchers to three lucky winners. All you have to do is (1.) leave a comment on one of our blog posts and (2.) sign-up for our mailing list on the right hand side of our blog. We’ll randomly select three winners for the giveaway. It’s simple and there’s no catch. You win and we send you a $100 gift voucher by email. 

Goodnight Macaroon Giveaway

Choose From Our Autumn / Winter Collection

We’ve been anticipating the launch of our new blog for a few months. Now that it’s a reality, we can’t wait to share it with everyone. Furthermore, we recently introduced our new Autumn / Winter (‘A/W’) collection on our website and we would love our lucky winners to get hold of items they would like to own. Just to give you a taste, new items from our A/W collection comprise warm and toasty colors and fabrics. In fact, we think they are the epitome of chic and elegance. There’s simply no better way to welcome the cooler weather over the coming months! Also, we thought it would be nice to recommend a few items to get your juices flowing because these items are absolutely gorgeous! Just so you know, there are many other items in our new A/W collection, so please feel free to browse them in New Arrivals.

1. Peony Criss Cross Oatmeal Sweater

2. Elin Grey Knitted Cape / Cardigan

3. Anja Suede Leather Cross Body Bag

4. Carly Classic Blue Washed Skinny Jeans

5. Reese Olive Green Suede Leather Ankle Boots

It’s Already Live! 

This Goodnight Macaroon Giveaway IS ALREADY LIVE. We will post on our Instagram account @goodnightmacaroon to ensure our followers are aware. As a reminder, make sure you follow our Instagram for style inspiration and Instagram specific giveaways. Anyway, we’re really excited to be giving away three $100 gift vouchers and we can’t wait to send them to you. Take them off us already! The only thing left is for you to get commenting on our blog posts and sign-up for our mailing list! If you need ideas on what to say, you can tell us about the items you’re in love with, what you think is missing from our A/W collection, or simply tell us you love Goodnight Macaroon Giveaways! Finally, make sure you leave your first name and initial of your last name so we can locate you in our mailing list. 

Terms & Conditions 

Here are the specific details of the Goodnight Macaroon Giveaway:

♥ Prizes

  • 3 Winners, 3 x $1o0 gift cards (no expiry)

♥ How to Enter

♥ Restrictions: 

  • This giveaway is international.
  • You must be 18 years or older to enter.
  • This giveaway is limited to individuals not affiliated with the Goodnight Macaroon brand (corporations, affiliates, ineligible individuals and those prohibited by local law or regulation may not enter). 
  • Your entry will be void if the above conditions are not met.

♥ Applicable Dates

  • Goodnight Macaroon will announce three lucky winners on the 3rd of the month via this blog and our Instagram account.
  • This giveaway is in effect every month until further notice is provided via this blog or other appropriate communication medium.

Please note that we generally add a new post every day at 8am EST. Make sure you sign-up for our mailing list or subscribe to our RSS feed for the latest blog posts.

Good luck from everyone at Goodnight Macaroon!

Being back at the office is often hard enough, but choosing your office outfit can be even harder. We are going to write a new series of blog posts about What To Wear On Monday for work!

Goodnight Macaroon Office Outfit 2016

Office Outfit Under $100

Goodnight Macaroon has a creative office itself, the following office outfit idea is perfect for a fun office! We’ve chosen this affordable Goodnight Macaroon ‘Christy’ Blouse which is now $34.99 only to go with these super flattering jeans from Nordstrom. It’s around $50 and it truly has a great fit! If you want an even cheaper option, these dark denim Brooklyn skinny jeans are under $50 from Goodnight Macaroon.


Did I mention this ‘Christy’ Blouse is also on 50% this week on our Flash sale Tuesday? This taupe chiffon blouse is the perfect base for any Fall transition outfit. This cape in gold color would be perfect for throwing over your transition outfit. Preview our Flash Sale this week. You can now get an early access to shop these up to 50% off discounted items before these items are sold out. Comment below if you want any specific items to go on our Flash Sale next week!

Complete your Office Outfit with these accessories!

Goodnight Macaroon has launched a new cross body bag recently, this Anja bag ( Under $100 ) made with a beautiful taupe and grey suede leather goes with this casual outfit perfectly. Take 30% off on these beige suede sandals when you use code: [ OFFICEOUTFIT ] *Offer valid thru 30th Sept 2016. We hope you enjoy our Monday Office Outfit Idea!

Goodnight Macaroon Office Outfit Idea 2016

Top – Goodnight Macaroon – ‘Christy’ Blouse // Jeans – Similar – STS Blue  // Bag – Goodnight Macaroon – ‘Anja’ Cross Body Bag // Sunglasses –  Similar – Gentle Monster  //  Sandals –  Goodnight Macaroon – ‘Isa’ Nude Sandals  // Bracelet – Similar – Forever 21 // Lipstick & Nail Polish – Nars