3 Ways to Wear Blanket Scarf


Blanket scarf is a must-have item in Winter. There are three unique ways to wear a blanket scarf.



Let’s start from the basic. We are going to show you the simplest way first. This is a casual way for wearing a blanket scarf. Own your huge scarf and wear it looped around your neck

Poncho: Monkees | Top: BCBG | Jeans: J Brand | Booties: Vince Camuto | Handbag: Henri Bendel

Okay. I guess you would love to learn some more chic styling tips with the stunning blanket scarf. It is quite easy and cozy. What you have to do is some simple flip over to make the blanket scarf cover around your body. The scarf acts like an outerwear which brings you extra warmth.






Here is the second way to wear a blanket scarf. This method may need to come in an outfit with a belt. Simply put your blanket scarf around your neck. Leave the ends hanging down, and then belt it. It almost looks like you’re wearing a sweater or a vest. It is pretty and gorgeous, isn’t it? When you are out of ideas of mix and match, you could use some of these tips to make your day slightly different.



Lastly, most popular one, this method involves more steps to finish the look but it’s definitely worth it. Fold the scarf over in half and make a triangle, then grab each end of the scarf and wrap it around your neck so that the “point” of the triangle hangs down in front of you. Fluff it out for extra snuggleness!




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