Casual Outfits under $50 on Flash Sale

OK we have soo many great tops, cardis etc for you today!! I’ve tried them all on and they range from heatwave-ready to cozy-comfy fall pieces, so dive in! I hope you like my styling. Let me know in the comments which outfits is your favorite!

Love yall xxxx

The Rache Pin Dot Peplum Top is only $27! I love the cute pattern on this top.


The Ricarda Floral Print Casual Trousers is only $34.3 and is paired with our Judith Leather bag in this look. I just love the crossover slits on these trousers so much! They’re hard to see in this pic but fold starts at the waist, concealing a slit from the lower thigh down—subtle, but sexy.

The Blanca Wide Sleeve Open Cardigan is $27.50! This basic cardigan is wardrobe must-have for every girl.

The Wava Light Washed Chambray Jog Shorts are just $27.30! Denim shorts are always a YES.

The Jane Ruffle Sleeve Peplum Dolly Top is $34.30! A casual workday outfit here.

The Liam Colour Block Sweater is $29.50! I love the colour-blocking on this sweater.

The Dell Boat Neck Jersey Top is $27.50! This oversize top is so versatile, it’s one of my faves!

The Belia Baby Blue Puff Shoulder Top is $30.80! The sleeves look so cool, don’t you think?

The Tomy Navy Dove Print V-neck Shirt is $34.40! The pattern on this shirt adds a little fun to this serious outfit.

The Andrea Knit Sleeveless Tassels Dress is $34.50!

The Fermina Lace Pleated Cami Knit Top is $25.90!

The Kasie Belted Houndstooth Cape Jacket is $47.50! A cape is always a good idea for fall, isn’t it?

The Marine Boat Neck Corset Waist Sweater is $29! Some bright color is needed in my wardrobe, so this is perfect.

The Bowie basic Top is $29! I just love this special design on this basic tee.

The Nellie Front Wrap Flare Sleeve Sweater is $27.50.

The Talia Scallop Edge Crop Top is $24.50!

The Pura Coral Ribbed Sweater is $32.50! The pattern is just so beautiful and the material is super soft.

Last but not least, the Jane Herringbone Puffer Vest is only $34.5! It’s totally perfect for casual OOTD. We’re gonna feature it and show y’all how to style it on our live chat, stay tuned!

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