First Ever Goodnight Macaroon Photoshoot

We opened a new workspace in the City two months ago and we decided to host the first ever Goodnight Macaroon photoshoot.

Our Office Boutique

We’ve been smitten with our office-cum-boutique, so much so, our Goodnight Macaroon team members have nicknamed it ‘Le Bouffice’. We have our in-house designers to thank for this lovely workspace. They’re big fans of simple yet elegant design. They have a slight obsession for modern French interiors. Of course, there are many other people to thank but none of it would have come true without the original concept. One of our favourite features in the office is a 10 foot tall cork board, which we use for pinning our favourite outfits and other inspiring images.

For more inspiration on how we designed our office, please visit our Pinterest account.

Better Photography

With a new workspace comes the space and freedom to think of new ideas and do new things! We previously introduced in-house Graphic Design and Photography teams, as part of our drive to ensure Goodnight Macaroon products are fairly and accurately presented on our website. In fact, we try to use various means to take our pictures, including the use of a mannequin, a hanging bar and traditional hangers. This time, we wanted to find the right model to present our Fall 2016 Collection and other bestsellers. We had our first ever Goodnight Macaroon Photoshoot.

A Super! Model

Choosing the right model was no easy feat! We literally went through dozens of models to ensure the right fit for Goodnight Macaroon. We wanted someone with a genuine and bubbly character. Obviously, someone with Southern Charm! We met so many beautiful girls and many would have been a great fit for Goodnight Macaroon but it had to be Mayara.

We met Mayara on our second day of casting and her smile instantly snatched our hearts! Actually, we were lucky to catch her! She’s been travelling and modelling her way around the world. Being from Brazil, the land of sun and football, she has a passion for life that is second to none. She’s a fitness fanatic and vegetarian to boot. After the photoshoot, Mayara had this to say about our Fall 2016 Collection:

“I found out about Goodnight Macaroon for the first time before my casting. When I arrived, I was immediately impressed by their new office. In fact, it was a beautiful setting for a photoshoot! The items I tried on were amazing. They were stylish and cute, which was perfect for Fall. I wish I could take them home!”

Fall 2016 Photoshoot Results

We’ll be posting pictures of Mayara wearing Goodnight Macaroon’s Fall 2016 Collection over the coming weeks. So, please make sure you keep an eye out for her pictures in our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. For a sneak peek, here’s a few photos to wet your appetite!

Goodnight Macaroon Photoshoot Goodnight Macaroon Photoshoot Goodnight Macaroon Photoshoot Goodnight Macaroon Photoshoot

What Do You Think?

Finally, what do you think of our new model and style of photos? We would love to hear from you and get your feedback. We’re always trying to improve at Goodnight Macaroon. In fact, providing better pictures and information on our products are a key part to improving customer engagement and satisfaction. As you can appreciate, we’re still a growing business but we hope you like what we’re doing! If you have the time, please feel free to send us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Being back at the office is often hard enough, but choosing your office outfit can be even harder. We are going to write a new series of blog posts about What To Wear On Monday for work!

Goodnight Macaroon Office Outfit 2016

Office Outfit Under $100

Goodnight Macaroon has a creative office itself, the following office outfit idea is perfect for a fun office! We’ve chosen this affordable Goodnight Macaroon ‘Christy’ Blouse which is now $34.99 only to go with these super flattering jeans from Nordstrom. It’s around $50 and it truly has a great fit! If you want an even cheaper option, these dark denim Brooklyn skinny jeans are under $50 from Goodnight Macaroon.


Did I mention this ‘Christy’ Blouse is also on 50% this week on our Flash sale Tuesday? This taupe chiffon blouse is the perfect base for any Fall transition outfit. This cape in gold color would be perfect for throwing over your transition outfit. Preview our Flash Sale this week. You can now get an early access to shop these up to 50% off discounted items before these items are sold out. Comment below if you want any specific items to go on our Flash Sale next week!

Complete your Office Outfit with these accessories!

Goodnight Macaroon has launched a new cross body bag recently, this Anja bag ( Under $100 ) made with a beautiful taupe and grey suede leather goes with this casual outfit perfectly. Take 30% off on these beige suede sandals when you use code: [ OFFICEOUTFIT ] *Offer valid thru 30th Sept 2016. We hope you enjoy our Monday Office Outfit Idea!

Goodnight Macaroon Office Outfit Idea 2016

Top – Goodnight Macaroon – ‘Christy’ Blouse // Jeans – Similar – STS Blue  // Bag – Goodnight Macaroon – ‘Anja’ Cross Body Bag // Sunglasses –  Similar – Gentle Monster  //  Sandals –  Goodnight Macaroon – ‘Isa’ Nude Sandals  // Bracelet – Similar – Forever 21 // Lipstick & Nail Polish – Nars