How to Dress for a Wedding

Wedding dressing can be such a pain. There’s so much etiquette to navigate, not to mention most of us don’t have a wardrobe full of occasion-wear. Luckily, we have the solution! This dress is basically an obsession in our office. It’s the pastel lace midi, and I want to show you a couple of stellar examples that we shot last week with the lovely Rebecca and Mariana. 

  1. Renetta Purple Lace Crochet Cami Maxi Dress

Rebecca shows us how to wear the purple lace midi dress. Simply pair it with high heel sandals and a pair of glitzy earrings to finish up this elegant look.

  1. Cindy Lace Crochet Cami Midi Dress

The midi dress in pink is also very girly and classy, Mariana finishes to look with a pair of pearl earrings. This is how I dress for wedding as a wedding guest.

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